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One of the least-well-understood features of Holiday is its ability to hook into and listen to social media streams anywhere on the Internet. You can, for example, connect Holiday to Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or Pintrest, or… well, you get the idea.

Why would you do that? Holiday provides an easy way to keep track of your social media mentions. Holiday can even be integrated with other social media management tools – such as’s Radiant6 product – to give you a real-time visualization of how your brand, company or celebrity is faring in the wilds of the Internet.

A visualization tool like this can help you become aware of incidents before they become issues, problems, or – god forbid – disasters.

In conjunction with the #CloudCrowd event in Sydney this evening, MooresCloud is happy to release Twintrest, a social media monitoring tool for Holiday. Twintrest ties into Twitter’s main feed, searching it for hashtag matches.  Every time there’s a match, a white light chases its way up the string. At a glance you can know just how much of the oxygen of the Internet is being used up to talk about that hashtag.

Come see Twintrest in action this evening – 6pm at the Hotel CBD in Sydney – and grab the source code on our Github account.


MooresCloud launching in US

MooresCloud today announced that the company is officially launching in the US this week. The team from ‘down under’ at MooresCloud is proud to introduce Holiday to north America. Holiday is a world-leading product that reimagines the way we use light to decorate our personal spaces.

Holiday by MooresCloudHoliday, an emerging smart home technology enabling ‘Illumination-as-a-Service’TM is a set of beautiful, intelligent, connected lights that delight people and enable them to create their own lightscapes. Putting the brains of a smartphone into each string of lights, Holiday has the capability to display countless patterns, drive animations, and run applications. Imagine lights in sync with your favorite music or the colors of your sporting team.

After a successful launch during late 2013 in Australia and New Zealand, we are pleased to launch sales of Holiday in the US, bringing the smart home revolution to everyone in an affordable and user-friendly way. Holiday reflects our design ethos at MooresCloud, which focuses on simplicity of design, ease of use and human connection.

With built-in wifi, Holiday can easily be controlled by smart phone, tablet or laptop. When parents arrive home with a Holiday, children will be entranced and commandeer their parent’s smart phone to make these beautiful lights come alive. Even if without a device, the simple onboard controller makes operating it a breeze. Users can even create their own applications using open source technology. As an innovative Australian start-up, MooresCloud seeks to design and manufacture delightful hardware, applications and services that make lighting easy to use, beautiful, intelligent, and interactive.

According to Mark Pesce, CEO of MooresCloud, “Holiday by MooresCloud features 50 full-color LEDs controlled by an embedded computer running Linux and connected to any tablet, smartphone or laptop and the Internet via Wifi. This takes the smart home in a new direction, with users able to interact playfully with our lights by using the MooresCloud apps for creative expression.”

As part of our US launch, MooresCloud is delighted to announce that the company’s pre-order sales partner is the New York-based Grand St, a curated shop for creative technology. They hand-pick, test, and highlight well-designed hardware from independent producers.

CEO Mark Pesce will be showcasing Holiday at the LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco on February 24-26

For US Holiday sales, please visit at Grand St at

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today marks the first anniversary of the incorporation of MooresCloud Pty Ltd – an act that was performed very hurriedly, to give us the necessary qualifications to submit our pitch for the Optus Innov8 competition at the end of the month.

Still, it’s worked out rather well.  And – coincidentally – it’s the same date that, back in 2011, I became an Australian citizen.

Happy Australia Day!

Holiday Australia Day smart Christmas Lights

We built a very special feature into Holiday – the Rainbow app contains code that allows it to go fetch an ‘app of the day’ from the servers at MooresCloud. Today – for the first time – we released one of those apps, which lights the string of globes with the green-and-gold national colours of Australia.

If your Holiday is connected to the Internet, all you need to do is open the Rainbow app from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The rest happens automatically. Enjoy!

After we showed our colours, @Posty got a few ideas, which led to the video you see above. And the gratuitous quotes from Monty Python’s “Bruces” sketch.

We have a limited number of Holidays in stock — now available with OVERNIGHT DELIVERY!  Click here to pick one up.